Links to Useful Information and Supplies

Associated Organizations - National Rifle Association - Texas State Rifle Association - NRA competitions schedule. Traveling? Find a match in another state. - The Civilian Marksmanship Program

Other Shooting Organizations

Hunter's Shooting Association - Advanced Field Marksmanship for Hunters

Informative Sites and Web Forums

NRA: Competitive Shooting Programs
Brief History of Fort Wolters - Jim Owen's Informative Site - CSP Gun Talk - Long Range shooting discussion group, AND - Two great starting points to several Highpower discussion groups. Several of the country's top high-power shooters and gunsmiths frequent these sites! - Discussion board on all shooting disciplines - check out the Highpower link

Merchants Supporting Our Habit - Ammo for sale in bulk - Precision shooting supplies - General shooting supplies for Highpower and Smallbore shooters - More shooting supplies for Highpower and Smallbore shooters - Everything Shooting & Reloading - General shooting supplies, RPA distributor for the US - Good source of once-fired and processed brass, primed and unprimed. - M1A, M14, AR15 mags, ammunition - Custom windcharts and load development information

Highpower Gunsmiths - High quality M1903(A3), M1, and M14/M1A rifles/service - High quality custom AR15 uppers for service, match, and varmint rifles, built by Frank White - Another great spot for custom AR uppers, built by John Holliger - Clint Fowler's web site. Highpower gunsmith with an excellent reputation for his M1 and M14/M1A work

Other Related Links - Every Highpower link in the known universe! - Bill Poole's Arizona Highpower site. - North Dakota site maintained by Kevin Krogstad. - Waco-based range hosting multiple shooting disciplines - The only collegiate highpower team in the country!

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